Social media and web design both play a critical role for the success of a certain business online. Hand-in-hand, these two works together to provide the best and most effective website that can generate leads to a certain business. However, the social media landscape is very dynamic. With the changes in social media, web designers should also learn to adapt and adjust.

Social media is used by billions of people all over the world and web developers should pay attention to the updates in social media to keep up w/ the trend or else users will lose interest on the website. These 2015 expect several of social media trends that relate to running or developing a website for business.

Check out the social media trends to look out for in 2015 that will affect how websites are developed and designed.

Going Mobile

In 2014, the number of people using mobile device for social media has doubled and the number keeps on growing. It simply means that more and more users prefer using mobile devices for social media which also mean that content are more likely to be seen and read in mobile devices. And to cope up with this trend, social media sites are also developing their platforms to be mobile-friendly.

To stay ahead of the game, web designers should develop websites that are responsive, tailored according to mobile-users mind and other feature like ads and buying system should be mobile-friendly.

Video Integration

Many people are now more interested in watching videos than reading content, simply because video are more creative and can be shared easily through different mediums. Moreover, marketers and businesses are beginning to embrace using video are a part of their marketing campaign. Indeed, social services like Instagram, Instavid, Youtube, and Vine among many others are a good medium to build your brand.

It would be a great idea if developers should start integrating videos into websites to show off products and build brands.

Social Shopping Features

Social shopping is gaining progress as a legitimate way to buy things online. Social networks incorporate shopping features within their website so that users will not bother to leave the network when they decide to buy products from a certain website. For users, it is a fast and easy way makes transactions and for businesses, on the other hand, it is a shortcut for conversions.

It would be a smart idea if your website will get involved with these social shopping sites. It is a great advantage for businesses because they don’t need to find a network of people to sell their products, social shopping sites will provide them a network to sell.

Improved Privacy

This is probably the most difficult among all social media trends. In web, there is so such things as complete privacy but social networks like Facebook are doing a time-to-time update to improve their privacy and this is the same with other social networks.

This trend can pose a challenged to developers in terms of advertising and marketing. With social networks’ privacy getting stricter, it would be difficult for you to build your brand and interact with potential users.

Your own website, your own community

A study have shown that social networks like Facebook and Twitter are slowly killing organic reach with their drive for promoted post and tweets. Thus, many marketers resort to these paid campaigns to keep up with the competition.

To find alternative solution to decreasing organic interaction in social networking sites, it is best that developers should build their own community within their own website. Website community can be; blogging page, forums, polls and embedded social feeds.


Social media is becoming more and more powerful in terms of marketing and advertising. Along with its popularity come tons of social media trends, changes and updates which not only social media marketer should adapt but also web designers should know.