Someone can be your lifetime customer if you provide enough reasons for him to stay. Sometimes, online businesses are too focused on attracting new customers, leaving less attention to retaining old, but loyal ones. If you are guilty with this, then do something to stop doing it again. You have to build a solid foundation for an ongoing relationship between you and your customers that will continue generating you profits after the initial sale. In short, consider customer lifetime value (CLV).

Let them Stay for Long

You don’t necessarily need to lower down the cost of your products or services. All it takes is a simple strategizing that’s effective for keeping your customers on your side.

After the conversion and the sale, customers are more likely to respond to a secondary request. Here are the things you should do.

1. Build an Excellent Customer Service

Okay, so you’ve made it! You’ve had a qualified lead. But that doesn’t end there. It’s time to build a repeat conversion where you think about a second sale from the same person. Here’s when customer service comes in. According to a study, the two biggest drivers of customer loyalty are: quality (88%0 and customer service (72%).

Quality is no surprise as every product should meet the quality standard of the customers. It’s inevitable and a requirement. But building an excellent customer service is something that surprises us. Hubspot is a good example of a business who obtained great profit after exercising CLV in their business strategy. According to the report, they were able to double the lifetime value of their customers in just over a year.

How to improve your customer service?

There are many ways to do that, but in the most ideal ways are; first, offering free upgrades. Second, giving a quick phone call to check if the customer is satisfied with the purchase.

2. Exceed Customer Expectations

Cognitive dissonance is a feeling of remorse right after purchasing a product. Admit it, many people get this feeling, especially when they feel unsatisfied with what they’ve bought. There are many factors that can result in it. One is the product mentioned more than what is real. Second, it’s just on the side of the customer, where the feeling of excitement just subsided.

But believe it or not, there is something you can do to minimize or to fully avoid this occurrence. What you need to do is to exceed your customers’ expectations.

How? One way is to offer some extra free products. A business once offered a $100 worth of free products in exchange for a Facebook share. Surprisingly, they were able to reduce refund requests to zero, meaning, all their customers were satisfied with all their purchases. And not only that, the business was able to make additional sales in the following days, plus, they were able to increase their Facebook shares. To exceed customer expectations means you surprise your customers about something they wouldn’t expect.

3. Gather Valuable Feedback

As what wise men say, learn from your mistakes. Feedback will tell your incompetency when it comes to customer service so gather them. And where else is better source than from your customers who have experienced your service. Figure out why you are incurring lots of refund requests (if you do). There are probably some reasons behind.

Valuable feedback can help you improve your service. This is important in considering the satisfaction of your customers, and your sales depend on it.

So let your customers stay with you. Enough giving too much focus on strategizing on new customers, but also give time keeping the loyalty of your old, and loyal customers. But as always, in dealing with the online business, you should not forget the value of your site’s design as it’s one of the major keys to your success. As you plan for winning your customers, make plans with your Web Design Agency AllGlobalVentures about creating an excellent web design that will help you reach out your customers.