The recent update of Google has been the hottest buzz in the industry since it was announced earlier this year. Yet many people, especially small business owner remain puzzled by the rolling out of this mobile-friendly update.

We are all aware that 80% of users globally use mobile phones to search online and this number continues to grow in a staggering rate. The recent change in the mobile algorithm of Google is an implication that Google is switching its focus on mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.

Let’s find out what exactly is Google trying to revolutionize with this update.

What Exactly Changes?

It will take us a lot of time, if we list down all the reasons why Google is making this update but it all boils down in one primary reason; it is to provide better mobile experience for users. Obviously, we cannot point out the exact changes after the release but as if you noticed the early changes, there was a visible increase in mobile traffic share for most websites although the shares varies significantly. Additionally, there was also decreased in rankings for some of the website which are not mobile-friendly and obviously increase rankings in mobile-friendly sites.

However, although this update is essential for website ranking there are still several signals that can affect ranking. High quality content, page speed, duplicate content and many more are still as important as mobile friendliness.

What Is The Impact Of This Change To Businesses?

If we really think of it, this change in search algorithm is a lot bigger than Panda and Penguin update. This update in mobile friendliness can bring so much impact in the structure of websites. Google is taking advantage of the massive increase in mobile use including deep linking of sites in other mobile-friendly sites and the increase in mobile traffic. Businesses with mobile-friendly sites will have better chance to improve rankings of pages and increase mobile presence than those website that are not mobile-friendly.

On the other hand, you should not worry about your desktop rankings. This so called “Mobilegeddon” have a new crawler or change in infrastructure that will specifically be used to index and evaluate mobile search results.

How Will I Know If My Website Is Mobile Friendly?

If you are unsure if your website is mobile-friendly or not, Google has released a mobile-friendliness tool to analyze whether your website if mobile-friendly or not. However, if you don’t want to spend your time submitting one URL at a time to this tool, you can use “” without quotations in your phone. This will give you results on all pages indexed in your website and you can evaluate the results if they are mobile-friendly or not.

Furthermore, you can also view the site level information of you website when you check the mobile usability in your webmaster tools.  In this feature you can view pages with usability error.

However, there have been some indications of real-time delay in the Google tool. If you recently did some changes in your site and the tool shows different result instead, the probable reason is that your site has not been re-crawled yet. Or you can use sitemap in Webmaster to trigger fresh crawl and to get your mobile-friendliness designation.

How Can My Business Benefit From It?

This update is also an implication that businesses should come up with new mobile marketing strategies. Mobile analytics can be used to measure success of a website or a certain strategy. Take advantage of this update as Google is taking advantage of the rise in demand in mobile use. Google get most of its search queries from mobile use and this simply means that there is a huge traffic from mobiles. Huge traffic means great avenue to promote engagement and increase sales.

What are mentioned above are the key questions you have to understand with the recent mobile updated. Website’s mobile-friendliness will be used as ranking signals and if your website does not adhere with this change you will missed out a lot of opened opportunities. So don’t just sit there, talk to an SEO expert, because sooner or later Google will expand this update as well and you must also level up your competitiveness if you want to stay in the game.