Smart web layout, visually appealing design and graphics and regularly updated web content. These are the common factors that we consider in our website to make it appealing for users. However, nowadays, these factors are not enough. The way customers choose products and services also changed, along with the rapid development in the industry.

According to statistics, 86 percent of consumers say that personalization can affect their purchasing decisions. This number is a clear implication that in order to attract visitors and increase lead generation, businesses need more than business campaigns. More than advertisements, they need to connect to their target users in a more personalized manner.

Through website personalization, businesses can build an innovative way to connect with their users. Here are some essential website personalization tips every business should be aware of.

Capitalize On Behavioral Data

Any kind of business marketing campaign always starts from a well-researched plan. You cannot start personalizing you website and your content if you don’t know what would best capture the interests of your target audience. Thus, it is important that you should study and carefully analyze your readers and prospect consumers’ behavior.

Using Google Analytics and other web and marketing analytics tool, find out what kind of contents most of your users read. For instance, if you can see that your pages or contents about social media are the most viewed contents. It is safe to conclude that your consumers would like to be interested about products, news, tips or anything about social media. You can also take advantage of the demographics such as the age and gender in creating your web contents.

Basing your content to your prospect consumers’ interests does not only give a more convenient way to create content in your website but it can also give you a clearer view on what you should focus on.

Tailor Marketing According To Device

Aside from your users’ behavior, you also need to tailor your marketing efforts according to what your users use. More than 60 percent of users are using multiple devices in searching the web. In order to maximize your reach, your marketing efforts have to be flexible to several devices such as desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Personalize your marketing efforts depending on the device used. Specifically, users would likely to get engaged on responsive and a mobile-friendly sites, thus, you have to create a mobile-specific web design for your website to make it appealing to mobile users.

Remember, device personalization relies more on how your website adapts to different medium or devices for the convenience of your visitors.

Create Location-Based Content

So you have discovered the interest of your visitors and the devices they are using, the next step is to tailor your content and marketing strategies based on their location. As marketers, you have to determine the location of your audience to effectively personalize your website. For example, if you target audience are New Yorkers, you have to create content and marketing tactics in your website that will likely to capture the interest of New Yorkers like New York-specific promotion in your website.

Share Experiences and Create A Story

These days, consumers go beyond advertising techniques in assessing products and services. Consumers will prefer businesses that can connect to them in a more personal or human level. They are sick of seeing and reading business pitches and salesy messages on websites and emails.

You can build a personalized connection to your visitors by sharing experiences and creating a story. Try integrating a video about personal experiences of your customers and how did your business inspire them in your website. You can also create a promotional campaign which persuades the audience to create their own story using your products and give them rewards afterward.

As marketers, you have to find the balance between advertising and inspiring. Beyond marketing campaign, your business and website needs to be a medium for inspiration and motivation to visitors. Through this, you will be able to create a personalized customer relationship which can’t easily be broken.


These days, it is crucial for businesses to find ways on how they can build an impression to their audience that behind their business and their website are humans willing to help them to find convenience in life. Personalization goes beyond the technical value of the website. A personalized website grabs attention and inspires the audience to take further action.

So now that you are aware how crucial website personalization is, now is your time to put these tips to work. You can always seek help from a professional wed design service to help you start your business-ready website.