Last April 21, Google started rolling out its mobile friendly update. It has been that talk of the industry since the start of the year and yet only a few understand the real implications of this mobile friendly update. Basically, this change is focused on making mobile searching easier for users.

However, along with this update, many business owners have been anxious about their website being affected by this update. The question is…should we really be worried? The answer is NO…we don’t have to. For as long as we fully understand Google’s Algorithm update and for as long as we gave our website enough time to prepare for this big change, we will experience minimal impact from this change.

Here are 3 key points you need to know to help you understand what this Google’s “mobile friendly” update is trying to achieve.

Impact On SEO

These days, mobile traffic has been increasing continually and there has been no doubt that it has brought huge impact in search. It has been reported that most search traffic in Google comes from mobile. This simply means that Mobile SEO has a staggering effects on websites. Although Mobile SEO is relatively a new concept and rankings in mobile won’t affect the desktop, it can give any businesses with a mobile friendly website a boost on mobile ranking and eventually sales.

According to research, almost 80% of online users use mobile to search. This is an implication that once your website is responsive and have passed the mobile friendly test by Google, you will be able to have a head start. You can increase mobile presence and eventually have greater chances to be found by users online. Your mobile presence is very important for your business. It can boost traffic and can convert this traffic into leads.

Keep Your Site On The Safe Zone

Primarily, the first step to ensure that you will never be hit by this update is to check if your website is mobile friendly. You can check your website by using Google’s mobile friendly test tool. This tool will give you a “yes or no” answer whether your website is mobile compliant or not. However, this tool has some indication of real-time delay. If you have made some changes in your website just recently, do not be surprised if your website is still not mobile friendly in this tool. You need to wait for Google bot to recrawl your website before you can have your website’s mobile friendly designation. Furthermore, to trigger fast and fresh crawling of your website, you can push sitemap into your webmaster tools.

Take Advantage Of The Update

Arguably, this mobile friendly algorithm update is a lot bigger than Panda or Penguin. It involves structure change in websites. However, as business owners, we should not take it as a disaster but an opportunity to grow business. This gives a chance to business owners to come up with an effective SEO campaigns that will boost sales. There are more than half (59%) of small business websites that are not mobile friendly, if you take advantage of this number and make your website responsive, you will have a great chance to stay ahead over your online competitors.

This mobile update is an opportunity for businesses to grow. It gives equal footing for small and huge websites. And if you really want to stay ahead of the competition, the key is to stay proactive. Make some preparations when it comes to your SEO and web design services, you’ll never know what Google will do next.