Social Media is relatively an effective medium to exchange information in a fast-paced manner. Primarily, social media is used by the public to effectively communicate and connect with other users all over the globe. But through the years, social media has evolved to what it is now. It is profusely used by businesses to promote their brands.

However, most businesses are overwhelmed by how social media can supercharge their content promotion that they are not aware making some of the worst mistakes in digital marketing, specifically in social media. Mistakes are really difficult to avoid and most of the times, you will never know you made mistake once you experience its backlash.

Social media is a powerful tool; there is no doubt about that. However, when used the wrong way, it can cause negative impact to the business which can eventually lead to destroyed trust and losing of prospect customers. To help you avoid the common social media blunders, we’ve compiled the common social media mistakes most businesses make.

Treating All Social Media Platforms The Same

Before you promote your brand in social media, you should be aware every social media platform is different. Every social media channel is using a specific platform that will distinguish them from other channels. They offer different languages and different audiences. When posting content in social media, learn to personalized your post according to users and language of the platform you choose. Understand the services and features offered by each platform and learn how to customize your content based on their services and features.

Wrong Timing

Research about the best time to post your content in different social media platforms. You don’t want to be online when everyone else is offline. For example; you have come up with a very interesting content but you posted in at 2am in the middle of the week. Do you think you can get traffic and engagement during this hour? Probably not. You must know the perfect timing to post your content. For Facebook, for example, Thursdays and Fridays have the highest engagement rate. In Twitter, there are more retweets during weekdays at around 5pm and the best day to post in LinkedIn is early of the week.

Insensitive Posts

There will always be a time when we process information without assessing its validity and the impact it could bring to the public. If you ever experience having one too many drinks and then an idea pop out of your mind, your best move is to NOT post that idea in your social media accounts.  Perhaps, you are too emotional and tired to process information and your judgment is impaired. Also, before you used any trending topic, you have to read what the hashtag is all about first. Take the case of DiGiorno’s recent social disaster.  They used the trending topic #WhyIStayed to promote their products without knowing that is about domestic violence awareness efforts. The post offended so many users. The good news is that they handled their mistake pretty well.

Using Automated Post

You have probably experience a situation where you followed someone and received an instant message thanking you and requesting you to download their latest ebook or subscribed to the content. It is annoying and discouraging right? It gives users a perception that the account is a spam and no one likes spam. As much as possible make your post and messages personal and sincere. Instead of sending automated messages or just ignoring messages, make sure to personally respond to interaction and engagement may it positive or negative one.

Mistakes happen. It’s part of human nature to commit mistakes. However, just because mistakes are unavoidable, doesn’t mean that you need to make efforts to be as flawless as possible. Arguably, there is no room for mistakes in social media. Your business and brand is in the public eye and one mistake can bring a huge negative impact to your business. If you want to ensure that your business can commit minimal or zero social media mistakes, you can contact a digital marketing expert to help you. Learn how Social media and SEO work together.