The most recent information speaks of the biggest discrepancy between the work of SEO and content marketing. Experts, until now, are clamoring that SEO is not content marketing due to the work involved in the process which are said to be independent to one another. And as much of which of the two sides is correct continue to divide SEOs, someone with the best knowledge should let the cat out of the bag to cease the war between put the issue into a victorious end.

However, this article will not to delve on that contentious debate. Instead, this will focus on content marketing alone, and the reason why it is very important.

Forget that issue in the meantime and let’s understand what content marketing is and why it is crucial for an online business to exercise it.

What is Content Marketing?

The central aim of content marketing is to create highly interesting and valuable contents that will impress a certain target audience. The efficacy of this method is determined when a reader is compelled to read the entire information, and eventually do the profitable action afterwards. Content marketing should always boost profit margins in the manner of intellectual content creation, unless, it won’t be considered effective at all.

Content marketing can be extremely difficult as it is the one most people can easily ignore. This is why it is important to develop an excellent strategy – one which is difficult to overlook and people would race to grab it. As much as being effective is concerned, you can tell if a certain piece of content is ideal for this method. First if it answers people’s questions and second, if it provides their needs.

Examples of Content Marketing

1. Infographics


This first example is generally long, but is one that contains a pure image. It will make you write down a few words, of which have undergone great research and analysis. Online readers love infographics because they contain pure facts which are easy to conceive. They may include statistics, charts, graphs, and other information.

2. PodcastsPodcast

This second example is a series of audio, video, radio, PDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded. iTunes is the most popular podcast today and many content marketing strategists have earned a great sum of profit by providing valuable information and advice through podcasts. Of course, for free.

3. Videos


Interesting and humorously crafted videos are not only meant to entertain people, but also to encourage a boost of sales. YouTube channel is the most prominent place for videos and attracting target audience in performing a desired profitable action.

Other content marketing methods include:

  • Blogs
  • eBooks
  • Webinars
  • Social Media Posts
  • Instagram Photos
  • Email Newsletters
  • And more

Top Content Marketing Benefits That Will Stay Forever

To state that content marketing shall not last is not a misconception. Laying down its top benefits will prove you that it’s one element of online marketing that will forever grow and continue shinning on the internet realm.

It is simply good for businesses

Regardless whether your business is an in or outsource, you will find content marketing as cost effective. Once you’ve set your foot on the trends and always take the side of quality development, increased revenues will always follow you. The moment you have mastered all the best ways to handle content marketing at its best potential – the mixture of long form writing, visualize data, active blogging, online debates, shares, etc. – you will reap great revenues and assure your unfathomable success.

It won’t go out of style

Ann Handley, heralded as Forbes’ most influential woman in Social Media stated:

HOT. Or actually…Let’s not say HOT. Because that implies a fad, a trend, a passing fancy. Let’s just say that great content is great marketing. And that will be more true in the next five years than it is now. Which is to say – VERY!


And the fact that approximately 27 million pieces of content are being shared each day simply shows that content marketing is a food, every user will never get tired of consuming. It fills up, and make everyone satisfied. And not only that. It never ceases to improve, with more added add-ons to make it more delicious and fascinating to consume.

Content marketing will never disappear. All Global Ventures have this thought ever since it entered the online marketing world. And every online business will meet its victory when content marketing is combined with SEO; for the two are a team that delivers amazing online business benefits.

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