With so many social media trends and updates coming in, a lot of people believe that if you don’t have enough skills in Photoshop or photo editing skills, you will never be successful in creating social media image that can drive engagement. This is a misconception. You don’t need advance skills in Photoshop or in any photo editing tools just to make your image standout. Just as long as you know how you can make a simple but engaging visual content, you will be able to connect with your audience in a personal level.

Here are some of the best practices you can work on to create an effective and engaging social media images.

Use Screenshots

Use screenshots to share necessary information about your website and show examples on how things work.  Screenshots is a powerful way to convey a message to your audience that you are real and you are just right there for them. Furthermore, screenshots is another way to intrigue your audience. You can actually stir curiosity with screenshots. Additionally, screenshots will act as visual representation is an experiment and the processes involve.


With millions of people going online, it would be a challenge on how you can effectively communicate to your target audience using social media. You have to make you post eye-catching, easy to understand and can convey a message. Just how would you do that using image? Simply create infographics. Infographics is another way to convey information. Infographics is best used as an alternative for blog posts which contain lots of words. Social media users don’t like to see long content posts and if you want to convey large amount of information like lists, tips and trends in social media, your best bet is to create infographics.

Post Real Photos

Yes, your users might be aware about your business but they also want to know more about your business. Post real photos about your company’s behind the scenes. Surely, your audience would like to have a glimpse about what is happening in your company and the same time you would like to send a message to them that you are real and you have real people in your business. This engagement method will also help you in connecting with your audience in a more personal level.

Quote Graphics

Quotes inspire people and by making a quote graphics, you will send a message to users that you value them and that you would like to inspire them. Quote graphics are actually one of the mostly shared images in social media. Additionally, it is better of you create your own quote and not just copy of what has been said by great men. That way, you can also create branding through your post. Lastly, if you decide to post a quote graphics make sure that the particular quote are relatable to your brand and to your target audience.

Match The Right Colors

Just because you don’t have any advance skills, you will not try to improve your skills anymore.  In creating a stylish graphics and visually appealing content, you need to have a good taste in choosing colors to match. If you are unsure about your choice of colors, you can actually use color scheme tools like Adobe Color, to find the right combination of colors.

You are already aware how visuals can drive social media engagement. A Twitter study in 2014 showed that 57% of Twitter engagements are from photos. Visually appealing post indeed can deliver engagement more than plain text posts. So next time you post an update, make sure you include images in your social media post to make it more engaging. Or you can contact an expert SEO company about their social media services and let them handle these tasks.