Content marketing is one of the most important blocks of success in every business online. And when we share content across the web, we all have this hopes that our work will be shared by a lot of people. This is the frustrating part for many. Yes, it can be disappointing to find out that the content you posted did not actually get the enough numbers of shares to improve your branding and virtual tutelage.

Coming up with a share-worthy content is difficult. It is not a surprise. However, you can’t just drop content marketing. Dropping it will cripple the whole online marketing campaign. The best thing you can do is to find what’s wrong with your work and address them. Determine the common characteristics of a share-worthy content and incorporate them in your own content.

Here are few things you need to work on in order to improve your content and get it shared across the web.

Brainstorm On Ideas

Ideas don’t just pop up just like that. They do not just appear on their own. That is not how things work in content creation. You have to provide enough time for yourself to brainstorm on ideas that will catch the attention of the audience, specifically, your target audience.

In choosing a topic to write about, choose the one that users has great interest in. Find useful insights about that certain topic and write something that you think would be useful for your target audience. Dig into what your target audience is talking about and write topic that speaks to them.

Creating Catchy Titles

Coming up with an interesting topic is the first step in creating content that is worth sharing. However, creating a catchy title is as important as the choice of topic. The title serves as the appetizer for users to continue reading your article. This will make sure that your target audience will proceed reading your work and stay longer on your page. Remember, a good title is your first step towards getting viral.


No matter how good your idea is and how catchy your title is, if you don’t support your content with enough and accurate details, your content will be lifeless. Back up your write-ups with well-researched details. Readers will less likely to read thin content. Moreover, a thin content will just defeat your purpose of writing in the first place…and that is to inform and persuade users.

Include Social Sharing Buttons

Users want it the easy way. Now that you created a good, informative content with catchy title and interesting topic, you’ve succeeded in motivating your audience to read your content but how are they going to share it to others. Never let your audience work just to share your content, make it easy for them by providing them with easy to use social sharing buttons. Make your social sharing buttons visible so that whenever users like to share your content, they can do it in just a few clicks.


Your work does not end in creating high-quality content. Once you’re done creating your content, make sure to promote it in your social media accounts. Don’t leave you content to be promoted by chance. Improve its visibility, work hand in hand with your marketing team and make use of your social skills to maximize content distribution.

 “How can I make my content worth sharing?”

This is the question you have to ask yourself. Once you find the answers, you need to put it to work to see if it is really effective. If it is then good for you, if it didn’t, then think again. You can’t just stop because things don’t work out. All you have to do is to dig deeper on your methodologies, your SEO strategies and promotional campaign, for sure, you will find an effective solution to your problem.