With a magic wand, a bit of tweak is all it takes to transform a useless stuff into an incredible thing. That’s how magic reminds us all in the influence of our fast-developing technology. If only there is magic, you won’t probably have to encounter the daunting responsibilities on your SEO campaign.

But tweaking is not only done through a wand. You can still achieve victory by tweaking, not in a magical sense, but through your social media channels. During holidays, online users are most active in social media more than any other sites on the web. Taking that into an account would remind you that Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are some of the most ideal places to reach out your target audience, gain traffic, and earn bigger sales.

This is the peak of the year – Holiday season! The day of gift-giving and food celebration. Almost all businesses will benefit in this time of year.

Grab this rare chance of being active in your social networks as many customers will scourge the boisterous posts and tweets of Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

What Do People Buy?

It’s good to understand the mindset of your target audience. Learn what they want and how they want to be served through online purchase.

First off, let’s discuss what most people seek during holidays. According to surveys, the most common gift items on this time of the year include; game consoles, tablets, wearable technology (ex: FitBit), retro toys including Ouija, Barbie dream house, and my little pony, warm weather gear, and jogger pants.

Google provides an overview of the top trending purchases in preparation for Thanksgiving in some of the biggest cities in America.

  • In West LA, disposable silverware, plastic cups, paper plates, tortilla chips, and garbage bags will dominate the markets.
  • In Manhattan, cereal, almond milk, butter croissants, mini pretzels, and almonds are the most favorite items to purchase.
  • In Boston, maple bacon chips, green pea crisps, and peanuts will be the top rank. In Chicago, baby wipes, chocolate, sparkling juice, and orange juice will be a hit.
  • In Washington, D.C., whole-wheat crackers, fruit snacks, diet soda, and diced tomatoes will win the stores.

Tweak Your Social Media Through These Tips

We’re done with the facts, now let’s begin with the plan. For this year’s holiday, users will be mobile driven so make sure to consult your Miami search engine optimization in this matter. Most purchases are expected to come from smartphones and tablets. Information is ideally obtained through these devices and through social media networks as well.

Tip 1. Capitalize

According to a report, the 2014 Holiday Retail Audit, commissioned by eBay and released in late September, many retailers will spend on marketing, pricing, and customer service this holiday season.

Tip 2. Create Time-limited Offers

This strategy develops a sense of urgency to your target audience. You may create a contest in the spirit of the season. Do it by incorporating holiday hashtag. This method will inspire your audience in coming back to your page.

Tip 3. Create Unique Boards

Pinning can help you win in Pinterest. Now that it was already proven that this platform is generating male users, you can intuitively create a plan to win those genders. A great tip is to create unique boards. Add a Pin It button to your website, promote gift ideas with email, use product pins, embed boards on your website, utilize other social channels and promote your top pins in-store.

Tip 4. Promote Your Offers

Receive valuable insight from fans by using posts and forms. Send giveaways through Faceobok to instantly build your email list. Also, collect user-generated content and allocate money for Facebook ads.

Tip 5. Protect Your Customers

It’s inevitable to send your data for a transaction and this one of the worries of customers. So to build a stronger loyalty among them, it would be better to commit to your customers about keeping their data protected.

Learn the tweaks and strategize a best plan to make the most out of this holiday season. It’s not only limited on these methods. Think better of ways to help receive better sales in this particular time of the year.