Two terms are important at this particular aspect. First is brand awareness and the second would be want awareness. We see a lot of marketing content swimming all over the pool of authoritative submission sites and web blogs – all with an aim to shell out sales in the process.

Tremendous engaging terms and phrases were encrypted, but the question is: Do they really work? For a few years, you’ve started competing in the digital marketing adventure but improvement is rarely seen in your campaign. So much effort and money were given but nothing seems to work. The thing is, you’re missing an important factor that you should’ve taken notice a long time ago. It’s what we call want awareness.

Do your target demographic actually understand that they are in need of something – that they need your business? If this realization isn’t yet met, then your business will remain unprogressive all throughout your campaign.

You know they have a problem, but they don’t. So let them know that they need you…

When people don’t know they are in need of something, you don’t provide more ‘brand awareness’. Instead, you increase ‘want awareness’, then after the problem is realized, you begin showing your solution to that problem.

How to let people know they have a problem?

Here’s a 3-stage journey to problem realization for your target demographic.

Stage 1. Create Awareness

It is a fact that they may not know neither they have a problem nor there is a solution for it. Here applies the rule of balance-logical mind vs. emotional heart by sending an emotive or a logical message. In this stage, you aim to arouse their emotions to influence or persuade.

Stage 2. Demonstrate Basic Solution

At this stage, it’s possible that your target audience is still unaware of the solution or is more likely realizing that there needs to be a solution. So it’s when you dash in presenting a basic way of addressing the problem. A chance of a lifetime is in your hands so present it in the best manner possible. Focus on the customer and their need. Don’t sell yet.

Stage 3. Sell Your Solution: Make it a winner!

Here’s when you begin making your business appear like a hero. At this point, your target audience already knows the existence of the problem, further, a notice of what solution is needed. Now is the time you encourage them to use the product and services that you provide. Speak of the necessity of investing with your business, including your greatest potential over other businesses who provide the same products and services. It’s right not to forget that you have rivals competing for the same audience.

So there you have it. Just remember, there’s no nifty shortcuts for a successful business campaign so follow the stages in their right order. Alongside your optimization with your SEO miami plus your content marketing strategies, make sure that you already had your target demographic realized their biggest problem. The solution like what your business provides won’t be considered important unless it is met.