LinkedIn may not be the most popular and biggest among social media platforms but it is definitely the most important for most professionals. This professional network has about 347 million users as of early this 2015. LinkedIn has become the biggest professional network with traffic of about 34.5%. LinkedIn has shown massive impact to brands from different industries. Not only it is a good way to promote brand awareness but it is also good in lead conversion. There are actually a number of ways to boost social media efforts through this platform.

However, one most common problems faced by many marketers in LinkedIn is how they can leverage the network for content promotion. As LinkedIn continue to grow and become preeminent among business and professional, more and more businesses and marketers are looking for ways on how to build a winning game plan to get the most out of LinkedIn.

With this in mind, here are some important tips that can help you elevate your content marketing plan in LinkedIn.

Tips To Make Your Content Effective

Create an editorial plan.

Before your start creating and posting content for your B2B network, the first thing you must do is to create a content calendar. Your calendar will be your guide in your LinkedIn marketing strategy but remember to leave a little flexibility for current updates and trends. Your calendar should also include you promotional plan.

Know what works best among members.

Know what type of content your target readers wants to read and what content is shared the most by the readers. Remember to write for the readers and not for yourself. Unlike other social media platform, LinkedIn as mentioned above is a professional platform, thus, it is best that you create content in a professional manner. Here are the common types of content that get the most shares in LinkedIn.

  • List Posts
  • Tips and Advice Posts
  • Strategy and Trends Posts
  • Content With 2,000 and 3,000 Words

When To Publish Content?

This is the question that you must find out the answer. Early in the week at 6am, 12pm or 7pm is the most effective day to publish post. In LinkedIn, you can post as often as you want but be reminded not to abuse this privilege. Posting to too often will give an impression that you are a spammer. Also, consistency in how often you post your content is important.

What To Do Before and After Posting Content

Keep Track Of Your Engagement.

LinkedIn as its own analytics to keep you updated with the activities, including interactions from community, within your content. You can boost your engagement by scheduling your updates. Through this you can take advantage of the users who check social feeds and updates in their respective accounts.

Know what kind of content to share to what type of people.

This is probably the most important aspect in order to promote your content effectively. Before you share your content know your target first, then find out what type of content they are interested in. You should consider this aspect when creating your marketing strategy.

Proper Formatting Of Updates.

There is a certain parameters you should consider in posting updates to boost and improve your marketing efforts. For LinkedIn, here are some factors you should consider.

  • Post should be 100 characters or less
  • Brief summary of your article
  • Include Images
  • Link to other Social Networking Sites

Join Groups and Invite Your Team

Ask support from your team to help you promote your content. You can encourage those people who are in your team to follow your page and share updates. Likely, you can also join and participate in group where you can build connection and increase your influence. Join groups that you think are relevant to your industry; this will increase your chance of boosting your content.

LinkedIn is a great medium for content marketing. With businesses and professional joining LinkedIn, your chance of increasing brand awareness and content engagement is big. Plus, this network has an impressive targeting features that will help you promote you content to the right audience. Moreover, LinkedIn can also be used to optimize your site, ask your SEO company for their complete SEO services.  So next time you sign in your LinkedIn account, why not start experimenting to maximize your marketing strategies.