Argue it now, but you won’t win. Pinterest is now on a whole new level. Social media networks abridge people all over the world. With them, sending and receiving messages become all instant, whether to reach out somebody you love or someone you know or about to. But compared to those other networks, Pinterest is a lot different in many ways, particularly of what we call ‘pinning’.

Over the years, Pinterest is gently taking its steps, more likely to dominate the social media network. People love pinning because it’s one of the ways to connect to other people whom they can share the same interests and passions. Meanwhile, marketers found it quite amusing to see how the pinning goes on flight as noticed by the improvement said social site takes almost every year. The number of users increases and the features get more and more enticing to use. If the former years presented Pinterest as an entertainment site to dwell on, now they can even make a purchase in the easiest way possible.

Pinterest Can Shell Out Money

Truth could be hurtful sometimes, but Facebook and Twitter can’t stymie Pinterest from getting more popular not only among users, but more importantly, among marketers. Everyone has heard about Pinterest’s launching of its first paid ads (last May 2014), as reported in adage website, starting off with promoted pins, of which most are recipes in four categories. According to the report; “Promoted pins will show up in searches”, where buying is done through CPC basis.

Just this year’s 23rd of September, marketingland announced about Pinterest’s plan of updating its privacy – all to improve its promoted pins. This is how it’s supposed to work:

Measuring Pixel – The pixel will be added to track buyers. It provides information about the one who bought and the item purchased. The data will be used to assess how effective the promoted pins are.

Hash Tags – Advertisers may use hashtags to match with that of users to show targeted Promoted Pins to a certain group of people.

Promoted Pin Pixel Tracker – Advertisers will be given the privilege to use this pixel to acquire buyers’ information, to use in monitoring the efficacy of the promoted pins.

The Number of Male Pinners Have Increased

This might be an interesting fact for digital marketers. Previously, Pinterest company has confirmed that most of their users are female, though the exact number wasn’t given. But the confirmed percentile was said to be 80%. A few months prior to that report, Pinterest announced that their male users have increased, and the number went 50-50 split among men and women. Emerging markets include India, Korea and Japan.

This tells us that ideal products to advertise on Pinterest don’t only come in the form of women stuff, but for male items as well. With this growing number of males, Pinterest now comes in no-bias gender for marketing. Anyone can benefit from pinning advertising.


This isn’t yet the peak of Pinterest’s ultimate power as a social media network. It has just started making a scene. But for businesses, this might be the right time to utilize such social media site for making their business grow. We don’t know what interesting things might happen when leveraging this social media. Ask your
AllGlobalventures SEO experts of what strategies to use for this new platform for your business. Let’s see how your conversion and sales increase.