In the next few years, it won’t be a big surprise to see mobile browsing surpassing desktop searching. The number of people using mobile for search queries are increasing rapidly. About 80 percent of users are using smart phones to search the web. With this number continuously growing, marketers and entrepreneurs needs to find ways on how to get their business involved in the mobile market.

Mobile marketing offers businesses a great opportunity for lead conversion and increase in sales. However, the process of mobile marketing is not as simple as it may seem. Similar to desktops, web design plays a crucial role in generating leads and increasing conversion.

Let’s take a look on these tips in mobile web design which can help in growing your business through mobile.

Easy Navigation

When it comes to website usability, navigation is an important element to think about.  Although, oftentimes overlooked, this is very important as it can be a great contributor in creating a good first impression. Plus, a good and easy navigation is crucial in making users stay longer in your mobile site.

In mobile site, the most common problem is the lack of screen space thus; you have to make sure that your users can easily navigate through web pages and your content. Follow the “” rule of thumb” where users can conveniently scroll over or click links through the use of thumb.

Design According To Users Behavioral Patterns

Know your target users and their behavioral patterns. Most users are using mobile for searching during their downtime so you need to do extensive research on what your target users are usually searching in their mobile phones, what can most likely to catch their interest and will most likely to persuade them to visit certain mobile website.

Know What Tasks To Prioritize

What kind of mobile site are you developing? What are your goals? These things you have to determine first before you can develop your mobile website. For example, if you are developing an m-commerce site, you may need to put more attention on how you can make a better product pages and better checkout process for your consumers. On the other hand, if you have an editorial or news mobile site, you may focus on how you place your content to make it visually-appealing. Furthermore, if you offer services, focus more on your services offered and how you present your contact details as well as other information which can persuade them to hire you.

Break Down Webpage Content

As said mentioned above, mobile site lacks screen space so make sure not to crowd your content on one page only. This will likely to drive your users away from your website. Furthermore, lengthy content are difficult to read which can cause users to miss important information, so stick to short but concise contents in developing your website.

Breakdown your content on several pages and remove insignificant content. Make your homepage as the road map of what your content is all about and put different contents in different pages.

Opt For Simplicity

In creating your mobile design, it is best to go for simple design. Do not crowd your website with too much graphics, texts and other design elements which are not necessary. Not only does it drive users away but it also affects loading speed which can affect how search engines crawl and index your site.

Find the balance between your content and navigation. This is an important element that can increase CTR or click-through rates.


Mobile usage is projected to grow and surpass the use of desktop and other devices in the next few years and there is no doubt that along this mobile growth is a huge opportunity for businesses. Building a name in mobile is imperative for any business who wants to stay in the competition.

So if you don’t want to get left behind, follow these tips in designing your mobile site and start your journey towards mobile growth.