These days many small businesses should have a website. The importance of a website is widely known in this modern age. Clearly, any businesses that don’t have a website are missing out a lot of opportunities that having a website can give.

However, even if you have a website if you don’t know how to reach out to users, your website will be useless. Your goal of growing your business online does not stop on creating a website. You have to find ways on how to make visitors stay on your website longer and you have to give theme reasons to come back. These and more will help you increase visitors and improve lead conversion.

However, the big question is… how will you make users love your website? The answer is to simply give them value. Make them feel that your website is not for your business alone but also because you want to give value to them. Think of your website as a mom who wants to give the best for her children.

Here are some tips on how your website can provide a motherly love to your visitors.

Give Users What They Need

More and more people are going online to search for services and products. But a lot of online searchers do not exactly know what they need until they see it. This is a characteristic that a mother has that you need to incorporate to your website.  Think of what your customers need even before they ask for it.  Even if you have the most informative content and the best layout but if you can’t provide them with the exact thing that they are looking for, your audience will never stay in your website. Online users do not visit a website for nothing. They are looking for something and you must quickly provide them with that they are looking for or else they will leave your website.

Give Them Convenience

A mother is best in giving comfort and convenience to their children and that you should also do to your website. Your website must provide audience the convenience when they are searching for products, services or information. Remember, to only put what is necessary for your website. You don’t need to place all elements of web design in your website.  Too much element can make your layout crowded and unpleasing and there are times when you need to stick to basic web design. It can also decrease loading speed which is an important factor that can make users stay. Moreover, you, as a website owner, should focus on things that provide users an easy way to access and navigate your page. The main reasons why your customers prefer online searching is because it is easy and convenient so don’t give them a hard time accessing your website.

Make Them Feel Secure

Lastly, it’s an undeniable fact that mom provide a unique feeling of being secured. Mothers provide a security blanket and like mothers you must also provide a unique kind of security among your audience. Specifically, if you own a shopping website, create a security features for your website to assure customers that any information they place in your website will remain private and secured. Furthermore, you have to build a website credible enough for customers to trust your business. You can provide testimonials and reviews page for new visitors to get reference from when it comes to the service you offer. And make sure your website is regularly updated to avoid malwares, spam and other malicious attempts against your website.

Perhaps, the main reason why a business needs to create a well-built  web design for a business website is to increase its visibility so that people can easily find the business. These days people will more likely to go online to find what they need. By giving value to your visitors you will be able give your website great opportunity to grow online.