Gone are the days when social media is thought to be a fad or another internet scam that are more likely to pass. In 2004, Facebook was created and it has marked as the date when the social media boom started. Ever since that day, there seems to be a rapid shift on the activities among internet users.

These days, social media is not just another internet platform, it has become a legendary tool to communicate, share opinions and exchange information. It is no wonder that more and more business are also shifting their focus from TV ads to social media campaign and promotions.

But it is not only businesses that are putting extra attention on social media. According to survey, about 71% of people are using multiple social media accounts for whatever reasons they have. With the number continues to rise; more and more people are alarmed of the implication of this on a person’s learning skills.

But should we really worry about the future implication of social media? Here are the pros and cons of social media on a person’s learning skills.

The Pros…

We Will Learn To Be More Sensitive

There is a post about the common social media mistakes and one of the things mentioned is about posting insensitive content. Perhaps, most of us are already aware of the social implication of posting insensitive content. And for sure, you don’t want to be a figure of ridicule and bashing because you posted content which we should never has posted in the first place, right? With this in mind, the idea of “think before you post” has come into practice.

We Write For A Larger Audience

Before the age of social media, writing was once a lonely activity. Writing is a form of expressing and sharing our opinion but before the advent of social media whatever we have written about will probably reach one person or two. Nowadays, whatever you share in social media will reach hundred or even thousands of people. And while we become more aware of the huge audience who will have a chance to read our posts, we also learn to sharpen our writing skills.

Social Media Breaks Down Personal Barriers

Social media opens up opportunities to start a conversation about the latest issue in the society. What was once an awkward issue to talk about has become a conversational one. Whenever we post content in our social media account, we have the opportunity to change and influence the world. Take for example a social media posts about AIDS awareness. Before there were social media, people think it is a taboo to talk about this topic. Now, through articles and content posted in social media people are becoming more aware that AIDS victims should not be ostracized. Combined social media and content writing and you will be able to start a change.

The Cons..

It Doesn’t Encourage Proper Grammar

We have to face the brutal fact the social media has influenced the modern communication skills. In Twitter, specifically, every tweet is limited to 140 characters only. With the desire to convey a message, we have learned to vary correct sentence structure. And with the frequent use of social media, a lot of people especially teens seems to have adapted the way they post content in social media that it is affecting their writing skills even outside social media.

Spellings Are Affected

Social media is creating its own language and this language involves abbreviations and jargons. With the over usage of abbreviations and slangs, many people seems to be ignoring proper writing skills. Seemingly, they don’t care anymore about their spellings even in sending emails or writing down notes.

Social media indeed has change the way people communicate and share knowledge. Arguably, social media advantages undermine its disadvantage. It all boils down on how these platforms are used as an opportunity for us to grow. Social media offers us a promising future to both individual and businesses. In business, ask you SEO services provider to help you with your social media efforts that can help your business grow.