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We’re all familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These are the most popular social media platforms of today; responsible not only for bringing people together, but also for containing some of the world’s viral content. No wonder online marketers are flocking to them. Twitter alone has nearly a billion users (how many of those are actually active, the social media giant declined to comment) in 2014. Of course, you would want to be where people are. While I would agree that this strategy seems logical, there’s a better way.

Don’t Get Caught Up In the Noise

The problem with populated platforms is NOISE – and too much of it. For one, you will be competing with some of the biggest names in your niche (most of which, have been in the business for years). If you’re a startup, it will take a while before your voice could be heard. Second, not everyone on those websites is active. Let’s take Twitter as an example. Out of almost 1 billion users, it’s said that only a quarter religiously log in every month. That means as an online marketer, you’re not even utilizing the full potential of the platform.

So why not experiment on other social media networks? Sites like Pinterest and Google+ may not be making a lot of noise like Twitter or Facebook; but their reach is as vast and their users far more active.

Underrated Social Media #1: Pinterest


Perhaps Pinterest’s main perk is also the same thing that makes marketers awry to promote their products here. The platform is image-reliant; so it could discourage businesses that don’t want to leverage on photos. However, with more than 70 million users in 2013 – and still growing! – you should consider exploring this social media gem. Even unique industries such as mechanic have found a home on Pinterest. General Electric for example, is one of the best Pinners out there: with more 24,000 Followers and all kinds of awesome boards; they managed to take science and turn it into something everyone can easily relate to.

Underrated Social Media #2: Google+

For the past years, there have been rumors that Google+ is a dying platform. In contrast, it’s actually pretty popular in several countries. With about 300 million active users in 2013, 100 million of those are from China (so if you have a business in that country, just imagine the leverage that you’ll get!). Lots of brands use G+ to connect with their target markets. Global fashion brand H&M for example, is a top name on the platform with over 5 million Followers. They use a combination of links and images to keep people engaged. Their success can be attributed to personalizing their content solely for Google+.


Underrated Social Media #3: Reddit

Did you know that most viral content you see on sites like Buzzfeed and Upworthy actually had their roots from the Reddit community? It’s all thanks to the number of unique visitors they get each year (174 million as of January 2015) that contribute all kinds of amazing stuff on each of their 8,000 Subreddits. That’s A LOT of topics! No wonder it’s a goldmine for great ideas and discussions. A warning though: this is a community – so people here would be as diverse as the subjects they are sharing. Be friendly and courteous. Don’t just promote your brand without giving back to the group you belong in.

If you haven’t explored these platforms yet, it’s never too late to start. Map out a social media marketing guide to help you see where your brand could benefit the most. Keep both eyes open for more opportunities in the future.

Good luck!

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