Just because you see that a website look good, doesn’t mean it’s effective. Think visually-rich website with only little information or a website full of apps but has slow loading speed. Finding the perfect balance between what look good and what works well is the key to create a website that can contribute to a business growth. Aiming for that ideals, here are the top web design trends and ideas to incorporate in your website.

Go Responsive

Perhaps, you’ve already heard the buzz. Mobile searching is on its hype. It has become a crucial part of any business operation. If your business does not have any mobile website, you are simply missing out several opportunities that can make your business grow. You see, creating a website with a stylish web design is not enough to grow your business. Whatever industries you belong, expect a huge wave of challenges in making your website compatible to any viewports. Long time ago, people only settle in seeing their website live in desktop and laptop. But nowadays, responsive website is a must. This allows your website to be viewed in any viewing portals that a user chooses.

Big Result From Small Things

A minimalist web design means creating a website using limited or basic web design elements that are only critical to what the business website really needs. Not so long ago, minimalist web design are only applied to websites under artistic industries but nowadays, more and more businesses prefer using a minimalist approach in creating their website. However, mastering a minimalist technique for web design is not really an easy thing to do. It’s like mastering the art of “taking everything away” and leaving only what it necessary. But once you have mastered it, it would be very easy. There are several advantages of using minimalism technique in your website.

Advantages of minimalist web design.

  • Faster Download Speeds
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Gets rid of distraction pop ups.
  • More Content Focus
  • Easy Navigation
  • More Space and Pleasing To The Eye

The Mutation Of Parallax

Parallax has been gaining popularity and this is not without reason. Aside from convenience, users also want to get involve and be entertained.  The interactive nature of parallax gives a website an advantage. It’s like you are inviting users to get involve with your website.  Parallax scrolling allows users to engage in the website in a fun and entertaining way. Parallax can be used if you want to achieve many things.  You can use parallax to present a product, build engagement or trigger action.

Simple Navigation Bar

Make your navigation bar as simple as possible without compromising your design. Navigation bar is probably the most important design element of any website. It serves as guide to users around your pages and at the same time it is some sort of orientation to your users on how he or she can use the website. Accessible navigation bar is a necessity in a website. Your navigation bar must take users to pages that he or she is looking for in an easy and fast manner.

Interactive Maps Integration

Interactive maps are a creative way of displaying useful information in your website. There are plenty of creative ways on how you can present necessary information in your website.  Moreover, interactive maps do not only present date online but it also presents data in a way that it’s more inviting to users. Interactive maps show the relation between one data and another which a traditional map cannot do.

Creativity and usability. This is important is for a website success. You will never survive in this industry if you don’t know how to balance these two important aspects of web design. The effectiveness of a website in generating traffic and leads lies on how well you develop a website. So learn to balance the different aspects of web design to create a well-built website and keep up with the competition.