Having a retail business requires a lot of hard work. With the competitions getting tough, it requires effective business strategies to get a step ahead of the competition. Especially now that the industry is ever changing, it can be challenging for businesses to stay on the race.

For businesses to stay alive, it needs to adapt and adjust with the changes and developments in technology and the online industry. However, with all the changes and updates, it could be a little difficult to sort out what tips to follow and what is better be ignored.

As 2015 is coming to an end, here is a guide on the trends and flops in online and offline retail businesses for coming 2016.

What’s Up?

E-Commerce Categories Expanding

The e-commerce industry is expanding; there is no doubt about that. Gadgets, travel and fashion are some of the most popular categories in the e-commerce industry. But as the industry is getting bigger, another line of businesses are also embracing e-commerce to drive more customers to their business.

New businesses will rise along with the rising demand from online users. Categories like active wear, furniture and home décor, educational products and handmade and homemade crafts will rise in the industry.

Online consumers will also learn to expand their search. Aside from the usual search engine search, they will learn to utilize other online tools like social media and online business listings and reviews.

Huge Shift From Desktop To Omni-Channel

Omnichannel consumers are emerging. It is not uncommon for online customers to use multiple channels in searching for products and services. Tablets and smartphones are popular channels that most consumers use.

Businesses should take advantage of these changes. It is not enough for businesses to settle in a single channel. There are a huge revenue and sales opportunity in other channels and as entrepreneurs, aligning different marketing and sales channel to one goal would be a huge opportunity to boost your business. Plus, it would be a lot easier for you to track and record the progress of your business.

Mobile Apps Demand On The Rise

One of the key factors that affect the success on a business is innovation. The ability of a business to adapt to innovation can define success. The competition is getting tough and in these modern days, your business needs to be wherever your customers are.

In 2016, expect the rise of app users. For businesses, apps will also be a critical part of marketing. Mobile apps are becoming more appealing to consumers, especially that it is easy to use and more accessible. Wherever they go, whatever they do, using smartphone apps is the most convenient way to search and explore products and services.

What’s Down?

Traditional Marketing Will Not Stand Alone

With so many changes in the industry, traditional marketing for your business will no longer work as it was before. Consumers are getting more diverse when it comes to exploring and searching for products and services. Most of them go online before they step foot in physical stores. If you have a physical store, you need to take it online and build an online identity to expand your reach.

Utilizing diversity of marketing strategies will help promote your business to online and offline market. Aside from traditional marketing, online marketing efforts like social media, content marketing, email marketing and other forms of digital marketing is critical to help the business prosper.

Sales-Focused Content Downfall

Content marketing is a very powerful tool to market your business. It can greatly influence the buying decisions of consumers. This is the very reason why contents should be made appealing, unique and genuine to encourage consumers to act.

Consumers, these days, are sick of encountering salesy contents. They want something that would give them value…something that can provide them with worthy information and insights about the society and the industry. In the coming 2016, salesy messages and pitches will only drive customers away, so veer away from this kind of contents and instead focus on providing consumers with fun and entertaining content that will encourage them to purchase from your site or business.

The New Year is coming soon. For businesses, it is a new opportunity to sort things out and find out what marketing efforts still work and what do not work. In 2016, there are more challenges to face. A little help from digital marketing expert and the points mentioned above will hopefully help business prosper.